China Rose Rangers

Which Way Did She Go?
A Missing Person and The Slaughter of Pigs

After the last feral mutant fell, the group realized that Pete was missing. A quick search suggested that something in the sandstorm had taken her. Frankie and Cassie headed out to track her down only to have the person they were looking for sneak right up behind them. Ricardo was his name, and he knew Frankie from somewhere in the past. He reassured Frankie that Pete was fine, was not objecting, and would turn up in a bit.

Given that the Doombringer meant that there was trouble in Las Vegas, the caravan changed it's route to swing by Carson City and out to Sacremento. Some stories were shared by the group to pass the time. Everyone survived the 16 hour long dust storm, but a day's travel time was lost.

Travel was again interrupted by two Templar in uniform wielding assault rifles and swords. The demanded help dealing with a herd of Devil Pigs. The group headed off to assist with this problem while one of the Templar stayed to "watch" the caravan.

Once the herd was in sight, Captain Whit once again demonstrated her skill with a rifle, and her dissatisfaction with the weirdness of the wastes, by leveling her rifle without saying a word to the group and downing two of the herd, each with a single shot, before anyone could react. Frankie finished off a third, before two more crested the hill. These two provided a little more of a problem. In the end, all of the pigs were put down, but not before one of them berserked and gored Cassie. She wasn't wounded for long, though, as she healed herself using her books shortly after the last pig fell.

The group has returned to convoy and travel has resumed. What else will the wastes surprise them with on this trip, and where, exactly, is Pete?

What'd I Miss?
16 years In 1 Day

Shortly after introductions were made, the young captain awoke, and a scuffle over a gun was resolved, gunfire erupted outside the military facility as a detachment of Combine choppers killed off a local gang squad. Pete and the newly awoken captain took out what was left of the choppers after the gang had been eliminated. During the aftermath of the fight it was discovered that at least some of the gangs were planning on placing Junktown under siege. The heroes hopping in the gangs car, and sped off to Junktown, hid the car, and went to the authorities. After a little standoffishness, then wild confusion, the heroes did contact law enforcement, informed them of the siege plans, and were greeted by the colonel. After a brief exchange between the colonel and Captain Whit, the colonel took off with a purpose. By this time, the day was getting late. Pete scrounged up some cooked rat for everyone, and Frankie vouched for Ainsley to get her a bed in exchange for work as a hired gun.

Welcome to the Wasted West
The Introductions

Welcome everyone. Just to recap our first session, we finalized our characters, and we had our introductions.

The jaded mutant met the young scavenger in the aftermath of a battle against Silas's army during the Harvest.

The mischievous librarian was expelled from the order for being disruptive during the return from the final battle of the Harvest, but she did introduce herself to the other two with a bang.

And hunting relics, the trio found a stasis pod, and the frozen law dog was a little shocked at the first face she saw since the bombs dropped.


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